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My Great Grandfather Alfred — 6 Comments

  1. I agree with you Robyn. Based on your research, I think the photo is of your great grandfather. It’s really annoying when photos are not labelled isn’t it? So many people are guilty of this. I must ensure that all my photos are labelled!

    • Thanks Beverley, yes how many times do we see a photo and think “who is it”, “where is it” or “why were you there”. A photo of my late mother in law comes to mind…she was standing in front of an old style plane with a large propeller at the front. She’d written on the back, but all she wrote was “me”!!

  2. Well done with your research Robyn. And yes I believe it would have to be your great grandfather as it all fits and the fact that you found it in your Nan’s wardrobe seals it.

  3. Thanks Gail, yes my aunt and cousin also believe it is Alfred, they’d both seen the photo before. Mum maintains she doesn’t know though. I enjoyed piecing together his life and learning more about him.

  4. Robyn congratulations on your research and an interesting story about your great grandfather. Thanks also for the memory of how many of our forebears paid off their block of land and then built their home. It wasn’t a bad system and they didn’t end up with eye-watering mortgages.

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