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Queensland State Archives: Finding teachers — 6 Comments

  1. I am researching in an overseas archive and I totally get the excitement when you find so much interesting information about a family member. Now Lorri, if you take the time to go to an archive and research there, you have definitely moved past the ‘new kid on the block’!

    • I guess so, Cathie. I have just finished my last Unit in the Dip. F.H. and passed! I am so pleased that I stuck it out and I am feeling a bit chuffed with myself.

  2. What an informative and detailed blog. It is easy to follow and hopefully will entice a few more people to venture to the State Archives.Well done

  3. Completed a formal qualification, spent a day at Runcorn and submitted your first blog! Lorri, I fear that your family history affliction is now incurable.

    • Hi Bob,
      I fear you are correct, Bob. I am already in withdrawal from my studies and up to my elbows researching my brick walls trying to fill the void.

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