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The Irvines – from whence they came. — 22 Comments

    • Thanks Pauline. It was a good exercise to put it all down on paper after finding bits & pieces for years but not actually notating same. Bobbie Edes

  1. Living into their late 70’s – early 80’s seems like a pretty good achievement in the 1800’s! Thanks for sharing the story x

    • I so admire their courage & stamina in undertaking that long journey in a sailing vessel, we’ve certainly got determination in our genes.

  2. Great post , Bobbie. I was particularly interested in the history of Killyleagh, as my 4x great-grandfather Edward Lowry also came from Killyleagh. Probably named Laurie from Dumfries in Scotland, who came to Ulster during the Plantation.

    • Thanks Russell, yes – I always keep my eye open when notating for your very early Lowry family. I’m yet to work on my 2019 PRONI notations so will sing out if I see anything. DNA has shown my Irvines were also in Dumfries (Bonshaw) as early 1300 – oh, to be able to connect the two ends!

  3. Bobbie,thanks for that well written and very interesting post.It is so good to have all those pieces of information drawn together so beautifully. I shall put a copy into my family archives!

    • Thanks Lyn, and I am very grateful for the loan of the early Irvine photographs, we are indeed lucky to have ancestors who treasured their past.

  4. Amazing research and presented brilliantly! I have kept a copy as it is a good read and possible/likely that separated by the odd generation your Irvines connect with my Margaret Irvine (b abt 1754 -d1839 Ardess Records) and husband Thomas Armstrong – parents or possibly grandparents of my 3 x great Granny Margaret Armstrong (1812 Fermanagh-1884 Dalkeith Edinburgh) and husband George Lawson of Drunhorich, Drumkeeran, Fermanagh..

  5. Well done Bobby, it could be an interesting way of bringing like minded descendants of James and Sarah together. I didn’t know James Irvine Snr kept bees, my father (James’s great grandson) also kept bees. I find it interesting how history often repeats in following generations.

    • Thanks Maureen, I didn’t know James Irvine Snr kept bees also, but British Newspapers via FindMyPast is a great resource. That is interesting that your father also kept bees. Chris did for a few years when we lived at Sheldon, nothing like ‘home bred’ honey.

  6. Well done Bobbie, Your wonderful research has filled in some spaces in our Carothers Story and corrected some errors. These I will fix. Thank you for your continued support.

  7. A wonderful read, Bobby. I really enjoyed this information and photos, so carefully gathered using your amazing abilities. Congratulations.

  8. Mary Ann Irvine married my gr uncle, Wm. McClurg as you noted above in 1854. She dies 12 Feb 1858 at 37ya in the Town of Richmond, Ontario County NY, USA. They gave birth to a son James Irvine McClurg in 1856 in Town of Richmond, Ontario County NY, USA. The son James married and there are several generations from this marriage. Let me know if you want more descendants names/details. Kind regards, MacClurg (1st name) Vivian (last name)

    • Thanks so much for your comment MacClurg, I shall be in touch shortly via email as I’d love to hear more about your line.
      I love the way our GSQ blogs bring family members together, even sometime many years later as your commenting in 2023 on a blog published in February 2020 is showing.

  9. Hi Bobbie,
    I just came across your amazing blog here. You have done some wonderful research and presented it very well. I believe we have been in touch before. We have DNA match likely though our Gilmore families. Best wishes for your future research.

  10. Thank you Aillin, it’s great that you found my 2020 blog and remembered our previous correspondence. hanks very much for your comments about the story.
    Sadly, I am no further along with confirming how my John Gilmore (b abt 1781) relates to the many Killinchy Gilmore’s my family has DNA matches with.

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