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Tragedy at Fortitude Valley store. — 6 Comments

  1. Great story Bobbie. Thanks for letting us discuss this story at GSQ Writing Group.
    We all learnt more about developments in Fortitude Valley and the commercial enterprises of the Irvine family.

    • Thank you Pauline. The comments from our GSQ Writing Group were appreciated and the title changed a little to reflect where James Street was situated. I also acted on the suggestions from Janice in quite a few spots.

  2. Bobbie I enjoyed reading your blog on William and as usual learned things I didn’t know or had forgotten! I liked the way you tied it all together. It was easy to read and engaging.

    • It was quite some time since I originally did a much longer story on William, so I enjoyed revisiting all my research and updating it, while at the same time condensing this version of it. As their lives were inter-twined at one stage I decided to include his brother James as well. Many thanks for consenting to my use of the photo of William.

  3. Great research creatively brought together. The photos bring the story to life. Lovely for your family to have another bit of their family history on record.

    • Thank you Joan, I do like the blog format for reaching out to the wider family members which seems to suit our time poor lives. It’s not until we know what has gone before that we can all appreciate what we have today.

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