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What if we told the truth about how we work? — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you so much, Bob. What fun you had! That was a wonderful meander through a typically frustrating, time-consuming search for proof, and then the sadness of having to whittle it down to basics. Rather like their journey – so much happened along the way but you can only show what you know from records: they set out, where & when; they arrived, where & when.

  2. Loved this story because it resonated with me. I can’t confirm the parents of my great grandfather but he named his sugar cane farm outside Mackay, Garryhill. Now this is the name of a townland in Co Carlow, Ireland (where he was married), so my investigations are continuing in that area. Sadly, I haven’t had your success as yet but, as you said, there is enormous fun in the journey.

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