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Tributes to two Townson brothers from Toowoomba — 4 Comments

  1. My father often talked about the loss of his older brother in France in 1916 and how devastating it was for the whole family so this blog resonated with me. Just a wonderful snippet of verse and what a great cousin to do this for the family!

    • Thanks Cathie

      Our recent news that the inscription requested by Stanley’s father will be inscribed on Stanley’s grave is thrilling news for the extended family. It is already shown on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site.

    • Sometimes it is needed just to bang a little loudly on the correct door to see an historical error corrected. Our hope is that is headstone will also be inscribed when we visit in September. 100 years ago on the 9/8/18 ‘Stan’ was close to Guillaucourt about 10 kms East of Amiens in the midst of Battle. More to follow.

  2. I loved the story Janice, and how great that your distant cousins are able to visit on behalf of the family here in Australia.

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