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Twitter for Family History – Let’s Look at #ANZAncestryTime. — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for this Shauna. I can’t believe how quickly that hour goes. If whizzes by. Fran and Pauleen have just taught me how to use Tweetdeck so I’m all set for Tuesday night now. I can concentrate on the chat 🙂

  2. It’s certainly a busy hour with lots of great tips. Almost the best bit is being able to turn up looking as daggy as you like 😉 Sue’s blogs are a great post-chat resource.thanks for sharing with a new audience…maybe we’ll have some lurkers 😉

  3. I’m also loving #ANZAncestrytime Shauna. I remember the first night when my head was spinning at the speed of the conversation. I’m getting used to that now but am thankful for Sues summary posts so I can go back and check what I missed.

  4. I always am amazed at how quick the hour flies by and always learn a new source, tip or something else useful. Shauna, thanks for sharing about #ANZAncestryTime.

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