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William White – A country lad, railway worker and diary keeper — 8 Comments

    • I know Nev. I’ve collected them from different older family members and am very grateful to them for keeping hold of these precious documents. Some of these much loved folk have since passed away, so the moral of the story is (as every genealogists knows) to sit down with your oldest family members and notate/record and view everything they have.

  1. I found your story very interesting, Bobbie. I am in the very early stages of writing the story of my grandfather who was born in the Bright/Beechworth goldfields. I wish he’d left diaries. His father was also born in that area. Life on the goldfields must have been so tough.

    • Hi Di, thanks for your comments. Yes, a very hard slog for the men in the family however my thoughts and sympathies are with the wives who had to keep the families together & safe, imagine toddlers running around with all the pits/holes & rubble everywhere! Not to mention living in a tent in very basic conditions.

    • Thanks for including my blog Chris. Yes, I do appreciate William’s legacy and wish I had more ancestors like him although I do have a few other ‘treasures’. As it happens his Uncle William White (one of the siblings who remained in Surrey & London when his sibling emigrated) was also a very keen diary keeper and I’ve had a loan of that and transcribed it. It proved to be another fascinating insight into life in that period, and also into how much they communicated even though they were separated by so many miles when letters would have taken at least two months to reach their destination (1850-1870s).

  2. Fascinating story Bobbie – if only we all had the good fortune to discover old diaries to help with our research!
    Joan Poole, Edinburgh

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