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The China Cabinet. — 9 Comments

  1. My mum has a china cabinet similar to the one in your photo. She always said my dad worked overtime for many weeks to buy it for her. It, and the many treasures it contains, including those my grandfather brought back from far distant places, have always had a special place in her heart.

    • I think these precious items contribute to our identity as well as evoking lots of happy memories of our loved ones, Pauline.

  2. My grandmother also had a china cabinet but not always filled with china. There were elephants with real ivory tusks and ostrich eggs, beautiful feathers and lots of silverware all collected when she went to Wales in 1956. How we children loved to hold those objects. Love your story, Bev.

    • This is why our heirlooms are so precious…they’re about the wonderful memories associated with them. far too precious to become landfill!

  3. Bev, I enjoyed your story of the China Cabinet and also your 2021 blog, Heirlooms Register. Great idea. My mother loved her china cabinet and as she got older and the family were the beneficiary of a deceased estate, the smaller cabinet was replaced by a taller. Of course, I have it now. Not that I wanted it at the time, but I have kept it because it was my mother’s. Now it is filled with family history, so I need to start some work on an Heirlooms register, so thanks for the ideas.

  4. That’s great Catherine! I think it would be such a shame if china cabinets went out of vogue. They serve such a valuable link with our forebears and to lose that would be a terrible shame, I believe.

  5. Thank you for an interesting story Bev. It brought back memories of the friends and families of my childhood with cabinets crammed with loved and precious items. A lot of my era called them the Crystal Cabinet and they sparkled with collections of cut crystal. You have given me some ideas to expand on my heirloom register to make it more meaningful. An enjoyable blog.

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