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Three red suitcases — 4 Comments

  1. Wow Lyndall, I am so excited for you. Receiving a collection of memorabilia is such a thrill, and to know that those people you only had scant details of, had actually touched, used, treasured, saved those items, and imbued them with daily cares, brings you so much more than mere details. You have windows into their lives.
    I agree with your feeling of responsibility, and your concern as to how best to preserve and document it all. Spreadsheets and categories are definitely the way to go.

  2. It is so wonderful you have these suitcases and are looking after their contents so carefully. Have you given any thought to their home when you are, dare I say, gone?

  3. Thanks so much to each of you for your comments & support. I was thrilled and incredibly respectful of the archive I received.
    Sue, great point you raise. Yes, I have given thoughts to who will progress our family history when I am no longer able. I have five nieces and one of them will ‘take up the mantle’. While she’s 12 years old, I’m already working with her to encourage her interest in genealogy and communicate to her how important lineage and heritage are. As she becomes older I’m thankful this archive and other information I’ve compiled should be cared for and cared for well. How important we ‘succession plan’ our research and ‘archives’ so that our families don’t lose what we’ve spent so much time pulling together.
    Chris, One of the reasons I chose this topic for the post was to keep me accountable. We all know it’s so easy for life to happen and our research to take a back seat. While I have a couple of other family history tasks on my to do list, it is important to me to share the information I’ve received and not keep it to myself. Thank you for including my post in Friday Fossicking; just thrilled.

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