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Remember to Accentuate the Positive – 2020. — 10 Comments

  1. Yes, we are so fortunate to have a hobby that we can turn to during pandemics and lockdowns. You have certainly made the most of a challenging year by harnessing the power of zoom to communicate, educate and learn. Your members are fortunate to have you to guide them.

    • Many in GSQ have stepped up to the challenge of keeping our members in touch, my mate Ailsa Corlett, in particular runs several Zoom sessions as does Judy Lofthouse and some of our special interest groups also hold Zoom meetings, I enjoy the DNA one with Helen Smith and the Writing Group with Pauline Williams.
      I particularly like your challenge Jill, as I think it’s great to stop and think of all that’s been good during such a challenging year. I find that writing blogs, or stories is a rewarding challenge and in the process I hope to share information on my ancestors with the wider family.

  2. What a lot of positives in 2020 Bobbie despite the problems. I have valued especially the way you have risen to the technological challenges we’ve faced, your hard work in creating an interesting and informative blog and your friendship. Congratulations!! Pauline

    • Thanks Pauline, my different tasks have been made so much easier by collaborating with you in the Zooms and then also the Writing Groups great meetings. Not to mention your help and advice in my new role as the GSQ Blogs co-ordinator. Besides all that you’re always a great travel buddy!!!

  3. What a great year you have had, despite all the challenges. And well done on having a blog and for keeping it going for so long. I would have liked to have seen the Mawson’s Hut exhibition. So sad that the cruise had to be cut short. I was thinking of you all at the time. It is a cruise I would have loved to go on – particularly because of Kangaroo Island. Hoping 2021 is equally if not more rewarding for you.

    • Thanks Alex., I was probably one of the only passengers not that worried about our Tassie ports being cancelled as I’d fairly thoroughly covered the places they were to visit but I felt for all the others, especially those who had waited so long to visit Tasmania. My advice is to allocate at least three weeks, the whole country is just so beautiful and yes, Mawson’s Hut (down by the harbour) is a must see. 2021 is sure to have some great points and I’m quietly planning my mid-year jaunt!!

  4. You’ve done great work this year Bobbie both on your own projects and supporting the society. What a wonderful find about the adopted child! So much to be proud of.

    • Thanks Pauleen, I did enjoy 2020 because it gave me the freedom to get on with long-planned projects as well as gaining the experience & rewards of running the GSQ Blogs. Thanks for being one of our GSQ Bloggers last year and committing again in 2021, not to forget the very popular Mr CassMob who gained an amazing amount of followers – Go Peter!

    • Thank you Bev, I felt it was particularly important to think along those lines as it was such a challenging year for all of us, but there’s many great things that have come out of it. Not the least our online members access to the genealogy programs and our multiple GSQ Zoom meeting choices to keep in touch with all things genealogy.

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